1) The price that we has shown is fixed except if you want to order more, we will give a discount.

2)To order our clothes, you need to register in our order form that we has prepared it.

3) We will post your clothes after you make full payment and we are received your money. 

4) We will post your clothes according the order form that you has register it. 

5) The account number we will be notified by email after you register in our order from.

6) The clothes that we has posted, we will be notified in via email that you has register in our order form.

7) The clothes that you has purchased, we can not be returned it.

8) If the clothes size that you has order is not fit or very big for you, you can changes that clothes but only one the changes of the each clothes you has purchased it.

9) Our company also sell clothes at wholesale.

10) We will receive your dress again if there is any damage to the clothing that has been booked.

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